International Travel Personal Accident Insurance

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Malay: Product Disclosure

This policy caters for people who require cover against accidents for the period of their holiday or business trip.

Scope of Cover

The policy provides compensation if the Insured person suffers death or disablement arising whilst travelling and also affords a 24 hour protection whilst in any country. The policy is similar to the other PA Policies. It provides cover against bodily injury caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means.

What the policy does not cover

1. Medical benefits
2. Sickness benefits
3. Hijacking inconvenience
4. War risk
5. Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion
6. Intoxication, insanity, venereal disease or pregnancy
7. Whilst engaged in manual labour or hazardous sports or past-times
8. Insured person engaging in aviation other than as a fare-paying passenger

Extensions available (subject to additional premium)

1. Medical Benefits

As there may be quite expensive overseas, the amount payable under this extension is limited up to RM1,000 for each and every claim.

2. Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion