Pacific & Orient Insurance provides a quick and easy way to purchase insurance. Teleinsurance, the first insurance Call Centre to provide a new insurance quote or online renewal service, with policy delivery within 24 hours.

Get your Pacific & Orient Insurance Motor policy within 24 hours of your call, with no hassle, no delay, no risk and no NCB letter. Just return the Proposal Form (which we’ll send you) with the relevant papers and we’ll courier your policy within 24 hours. To start the process please call our Teleinsurance Call Centre at 1-800-88-2121.

1. No Hassle
Just one phone call and you can renew your motor insurance or get a quotation. The first and only online service of its kind in Malaysia. Pacific & Orient Teleinsurance gets you covered with no jams, no queues, no hassle.

2. No Delay
After you submit your documents (you don’t even need the NCB letter) and the payment is cleared, you will get your policy by courier in 24 hours.

3. Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad. is one of the largest insurance companies in Malaysia. This means what you insure, is always secure.

4. No Risk
You’ll also have peace of mind because you’ll be protected by one of the most established motor insurers in Malaysia. Everything is computerized and online, so there’s no risk.

Remember, neither you nor your car is safe
without Pacific & Orient Teleinsurance

Should you have any queries, please contact us.