In case
of road

Auto Assist: Call 1800-88-2121

In case you happen to be in a road accident, please....
  1. Be calm, polite and courteous. DO NOT admit liability or offer any settlement or payment.
  2. Turn on the hazard lights to warn other drivers, and to switch on the headlamp to light up the scene if dark.
  3. Provide assistance to others involved in the accident that may be injured.
  4. Note down the following:
    1. the personal particulars of the other driver(s) eg. name, contact number.
    2. make/model and registration numbers(s) of the other vehicle(s) involved in the road accident, the name of the street/road.
    3. registration number of tow truck(s) and the Company’s name of the tow truck operators (if any)
    4. Sketch a scene of the accident with the position of the vehicles involved.
    5. Snap photographs on the damages of all vehicles involved (if the situation permits).

Immediately call our Auto Assist at:

1800-88-2121 (Press 3) who will assist you in arranging for the low of your vehicle to your preferred workshop from our panel workshop list and advise you on the claim procedure.

  1. Make a Police Report of the road accident. You are required by law to lodge a police report as soon as practicable, and in any case within 24 hours of a road accident/theft of your vehicle.
  2. Even if you’re rot making a claim for your own losses, you may find yourself facing a claim from the other person involved. We will provide assistance and advice. Call us on our help line on 1800-88-2121 (Press 4).
  3. If you have received any notice of claim, demand for settlement, legal correspondence, please ensure that this is forwarded to us immediately. We will deal with any claims against you directly with the claimants.