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Basic documents for a Theft Claim of Your Vehicle?

  1. Completed claim form that will be provided during your claim notification to us.
  2. Original certified copy of police report
  3. Copy of NRIC of the insured person and the driver at the material time of the accident.
  4. Copy of driving licence of the driver at the material time of the accident.
  5. Copy of the Vehicle registration card/Certification of Ownership issued by JPJ as the case may be.
  6. Additional documents may be requested as the claim progresses.

What To Do if your vehicle is recovered:

If you are informed that your vehicle is recovered,

  • do NOT take possession of your vehicle from any authority/party unless authorised by the police;
  • Immediately notify Us or our agent so that We could make proper arrangements to conduct an independent survey of your vehicle and/or to take possession of your recovered vehicle.

Under a normal Comprehensive motor policy, We will pay you compensation equal to the present market value of your vehicle at the material time of theft or the sum insured whichever is lower.

Important Dates & Timelines

To ensure timely investigation leading to possible recovery, we may require a reasonable process time.. Timelines required are:

  • Either 6 months from the date of notification of theft; and/or
  • When official police investigations have been completed, whichever is earlier.