If you remained dissatisfied with our decision you can refer the matter to
OMBUDSMAN For FINANCIAL SERVICES (OFS) within six (6) months
after the final decision was made or BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA through
BNMTELELINK or BNMLINK.Ombudsman for Financial Services (OFS) (664393P)
(Formerly known as Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB))

Level 14, Main Block
Menara Takaful Malaysia
No.4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
50000 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone No .: 03-2272 2811
Fax No .: 03-2272 1577
Email : enquiry@ofs.org.my
Website : www.ofs.org.my

OFS Jurisdiction:

Dispute involving financial services or products – RM250,000
Dispute on motor third party property damage insurance/takaful claims
– RM10,000
Disputes on an unauthorised transaction through the use of a designated
payment instrument or a payment channel such as internet banking,
mobile banking,telephone banking or on unauthorized use of cheque.
– RM25,000

LINK & Regional Office,
Bank Negara Malaysia
P.O. Box 10922
50929 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone No .: 1-300-88-5465
Fax No .: 03-2174 1515
Email : bnmtelelink@bnm.gov.my

We believe you deserve a courteous, fair and prompt service. If there is any circumstances when our service does not meet your expectation, please contact us using the appropriate contact details below

Telephone No : 03-26985033

Firstly with the department or person you dealt with us on how you would like the problem to be solved.

Secondly if the problem is not solved to your satisfaction, then make a formal written complaint to the Complaint Unit.

Telephone No : 03-26985033 / 3262 / 3263 / 3471
Fax : 03-26936917
Email : poi2u@pacific-orient.com

Complete the complaint form

Once we receive the information, we will be able to investigate your complaint and work towards a resolution. We will acknowledgment receipt your complaint within one (1) working days.

We aim to resolve the issue within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt your complaint. However, for complex cases which may require more time, we will keep you informed of our progress every 14 calendars days. If not resolved, to update within another 14 calendar days. Thereafter, after every 30 calendar days.